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Solar Power

Today's residential and commercial solar energy producing systems (a.k.a. photovoltaic systems or PV) are incredibly simple. When the solar panels are exposed to sunlight, the panels produce electric current. This current passed through a device called an inverter that conditions the power to sync with your utility power. Your home will use the solar generated power first, and the utility is there for nighttime use and additional power needs. When your system produces more power than is needed, the excess power goes out to the utility grid for a credit towards your utility bill.

One of the best parts of installing a solar energy producing system is that the homeowner trades up fuel sources and takes advantage of the practically unlimited and free sunshine. Ideally, this would be enough, and the home or business would be completely self-sufficient when it comes to energy, but the sun isn't always shining. However, with recent improvements to energy storage hardware, virtually any home can become independent. Most solar energy installations today rely on the existing utility and grid services for the backup instead of the local energy storage.

Stop Paying Rising Electricity Rates

Solar provides complete freedom from unpredictable utility rate increases. With solar power systems, the fuel is free so that you can lock in your energy costs.

  • Lower your energy rates well into the future.
  • Save money.
  • Lower your carbon footprint.
Save with Solar

Save With Solar

Most Solar Producing homeowners save between 50-85% of their annual electricity costs. Many even make money off their systems.

Power Your Life

Power Your Life

You should be able to choose how your power is generated and be able to make it when and where it is needed.

Live Green

Live Green

Solar is a clean energy source that supports and enhances our lives and our planet.

Take The First Step

Are you ready to take that first step and go solar and start saving? Please fill out this form and one of Got Watts Electric & Solar™ Specialists will perform a complete solar assessment on your home!

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Our Solar Showroom & Interactive Design Studio -- NOW OPEN!

Crafting the perfect solar system is an art form. There are several factors to take into consideration when designing a solar producing system such as your home's power needs, budget, roof design, area trees... the list goes on and on. It's a lot to take into account. But not to worry, with Got Watts Electric & Solar™ Showroom & Interactive Design Studio it's a task we are well equipped to handle!

Our Solar Showroom features a large display of the solar panels, equipment and storage possibilities for you to choose. And our Interactive Design Studio can detail your home's solar plan right before your eyes with 3D modeling, production, and shading.

Our Solar Showroom & Interactive Design Studio is open  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and is located at:

2250 Commerce Ave Unit C
Concord, CA 94520

Call us for an appointment today at (925) 421-0411 or use the above form.

Home Battery Systems

Got Watts Electric & Solar™ is a proud distributor and installer of Sonnen Home Battery systems! The sonnenBatterie system is a complete energy storage solution that makes use of intelligent energy management software. The sonnenBatterie system is easily adaptable to all your individual needs. The sonnenBatterie system is available in a variety of storage capacities and configurations, allowing for extensibility and expansion. sonnenBatterie saves you every day by harvesting energy from your solar system or the electrical grid when it is cheapest, and then uses that stored energy from the battery system to power your home when rates are at the most expensive.

For more information, please see our Home Battery Solutions.

Financing Options

The outlay of money to convert your home to a solar system is always the biggest concern. However, with tax credits and many affordable financing options, a solar system for your home can start giving you and your family positive returns in just a short time!



CaliforniaFIRST provides financing with no down payments for home energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades. The CaliforniaFIRST program solves many of the financial hurdles facing property owners wanting to install energy efficient improvements.

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HERO is made possible by Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) legislation in California, which allows government and business to work together and provide financing for energy-efficient upgrades. All of your project is financed through HERO and contractors have agreed to be paid only after you sign off.

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Improve your home's comfort, safety, and health, and you save hundreds of dollars on your monthly energy bills and increase the value of your most important investment, your home.

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Tax Incentives & Solar Rebates

Solar Tax Credits

The United States government currently offers a thirty percent solar tax credit on your federal income tax. This is a renewable energy credit, and not a deduction; you will receive the thirty percent back on your federal taxes.

Solar Rebates & Renewable Energy Credits

The State of California does not offer direct rebates or tax credits, but many municipalities provide solar rebates or renewable energy credits. To find out what programs are available in your area, see the DSIRE website.

For Northern California residents, your utility company will issue energy credits for excess power your system produces through their net-metering programs.

IRS Form 5695 for Residential Energy Credits

To claim these residential energy credits on your federal income tax, you will need to file IRS Form 5695. You are eligible to apply for this credit if you purchased and installed a solar power system during the tax year you are claiming the credit for.