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Plugless EV Charging

plugless ev chargingCharge your electric vehicle without any cords!


Plugless is the world’s only wireless, home EV charging station and the most convenient way to refuel a vehicle on the planet. Going Plugless means rarely having to think about charging your car—it’s as simple as parking a car. The Control Panel sends electricity down through a cable to the Parking Pad which then inductively transfers electricity at true 3.3kW power to the Vehicle Adapter installed on your EV.

plugless diagramHOW DOES PLUGLESS WORK?

The Guidance System senses your approaching EV and helps you ease in; forward, back, left and right in real time for optimum alignment. You even get a score each time.

If you can park, you can charge. Once you turn off your EV, it’s charging (or, waiting for time- of-day charging set up through the EV). And at true 3.3kW you’ll charge twice as fast as a standard 120V system.

The Vehicle Adapter is installed for free on your EV and is fully reversible. That means no cutting, drilling or damage to your EV. And it functions the same as the day you bought it—except you’ll only have to plug in when you are out and about.

Plugless has been rigorously tested and
has 300,000+ hours of consumer use in a wide variety of climates—from Quebec to Arizona and Seattle too. It works great both indoors and out, in rain, heat and snow.

Got Watts Electric & Solar™ is a Proud Partner with Plugless by Evatran! Check them out at BUT before you do, make sure you contact us so you can use one of our EXCLUSIVE PARTNER CODES before purchasing and having Got Watts Electric & Solar™ install your Plugless System!

Tesla Model S

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chevy volt

2016/2017 Chevrolet Volt
(2nd Generation)

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electric vehicle

Generic Plugless EV Partner Code

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electric vehicle

Nissan Leaf

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