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What does GFCI stand for and what does it do? GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and it is one of the best advancements that has ever been made when it comes to electrical devices. The GFCI receptacle has been designed for one purpose, to protect you and your family from electrical shock.

When there becomes a difference in the hot and neutral wires the GFCI will interrupt the household circuits causing the GFCI to automatically cut off the electricity to that circuit. Both GFCI receptacles and GFCI breakers are very sensitive. Most circuit breakers designed are programed to cut off at 15 to 20 amperes, but it is possible to be electrocuted with 100 milli amps. That is equal to a small fraction of one!

What most people don’t seem to realize is that 100 milli amps of electricity can still hurt or even kill you or someone you love. That is why it is so important to have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter installed in many areas throughout your home, especially in kitchens, bathrooms, garages and home exteriors.

There are two types of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter protection:

  • GFCI Receptacle
  • GFCI Breaker

Both the GFCI Receptacle and the GFCI Circuit Breaker will detect a few milli amps of electricity causing the breaker to turn off avoiding a potential shock hazard. Not only can both the GFCI Receptacle and the GFCI Circuit Breaker protect you from electrocution but it can also save your or someone else's life!

The first thing you can do to start protecting your family is to learn where in your home or business a GFCI should be installed. GFCIs are require in your kitchen, bathrooms, garages and all outdoor outlets. There are also certain rules that must be followed when it comes to GFCI breakers and outlets. That is where Got Watts Electric & Solar™ can help you today!

When it comes to GFCI’s, here is what is important.

  • GFCI’s should have been tested and certified by a UL certified company?
  • Were the GFCI installed correctly?
  • Has the GFCI been installed where it is required?

Please contact Got Watts Electric & Solar™ right away at (925) 421-0411 or use our online form to request an appointment to see how our expert residential electricians can help you with GFCI receptacles and GFCI breakers!

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