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Electric Car Chargers - Tesla® Recommended Installer

You’ve done it! You went out and purchased an energy efficient electric vehicle (EV). But how do you power this thing? Owning an electrical charging station at home will make all the difference in your “refueling”. Just a few years back, EV’s were dominated by one or two major names in the industry and an EV owner would be hard pressed to find price comparisons or very many options at all.

In recent years, the market has grown to include several manufacturers and the ability to own and install an at home electric vehicle charger. Got Watts Electric & Solar™ has taken the guess work out of choosing and installing the best charger for your vehicle. Our electricians will work side by side with you to choose the proper equipment for your vehicle, provide professional installation and accommodate your service needs as they arise.

Aelectric car charger, electric car chargers, tesla recommended installer, got watts electric, electrician, electrical, electric, installation, energy efficient electric vehicle, ev, electrician lafayette, electrician moraga, tesla charger, electrician concord, electric car charger, electrician, electrician pleasant hill, electrician walnut creek new EV charger is a big project and definitely not a do-it-yourself project. Your home’s electrical system will need to be assessed to insure that it can handle the extra load of the charger, with special attention given to the age of your garage or storage area and its distance from the rest of your home’s electric. Not sure where to start? If you’re interested in purchasing an electric vehicle or you are already the proud owner of one of the many options in EV, our customer service associates are just a phone call away!

Please contact Got Watts Electric & Solar™ right away at (925) 421-0411 or use our online form to request an appointment to see how our expert residential electricians can help you with electric car chargers!

Tesla® Recommended Installer

One of the most prestigious and fastest growing electric vehicle manufacturers you've no doubt heard of is Tesla Motors

Tesla® is synonymous with electric vehicles and sales across the country are skyrocketing, especially in places like Walnut Creek and the surrounding area. Tesla® vehicles charge conveniently in your garage while parked to give you a “full tank” when it’s time for a ride.

The chargers Tesla® uses to charge the car’s batteries are state-of-the-art devices. Consequently, great care must be exercised when installing a Tesla® car charger or servicing one. And this is best done by a qualified electrician, trained in how Tesla® chargers work.

When purchasing a Tesla® vehicle, Tesla® can provide you contact information for one of their Tesla® Recommended Installers. We are proud to say that Got Watts Electric & Solar™ has earned that title! We are a Tesla® Recommended Installer servicing Walnut Creek and the surrounding areas suchs as Lafayette, Morage, Orinda and Danville and we are here to help you with the installation or the warranty service of your Tesla® charger. Let us take the guess work of this technology out of your hands and put in into your garage. 

Plugless® Partner - Wireless EV Charging

plugless car chargingThe future of EV Charging is here with the Plugless Wireless EV Charging System and Got Watts Electric & Solar™ is an official partner, here to help you go wirless! Read all about Plugless® by clicking here!

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