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Is a plugless EV charger worth the investment?

If youíre the owner of an electric vehicle, you understand the frustration of having to think about charging your car. Plugless EV chargers instantly rid you of that frustration and are completely worth the investment.

Going plugless is as simple as parking your car. Your plugless systemís smart guidance system even senses your approaching vehicle and guides you in; left, right, forward and backward in real time, and it even gives you a score!

The systemís Control Panel works by sending electricity down through the cable in the Parking Pad which then transfers electricity to the adapter installed in your Electronic Vehicle.

The free and fully reversible installation are two more factors that make the investment even more worthwhile. Youíll never have to cut, drill, or damage your EV and it will functionthe same as the day you brought it home. Youíll only need to plug it in to charge when you are away from home.

Plugless technology has passed tests of 300,000 hours of consumer use in indoor and outdoor climates andin heat, rain, and snow.

For the ultimate convenience of charge times that are twice as fast as standard systems, therereally isnít a reason not to go plugless!

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Latest Reviews

A wonderful experience with a very tough situation. Roof leak got water into a ceiling light and the electric system in a sunroom. Major panic. Electrician explained everything step by step. Our wiring was the correct wiring so that no damage was done. He also explained the situation that would create danger for us. Thankfully, we didn't have it, but I wanted to know. Did NOT charge unfairly, which is a first for us with electricians. So reliable. So professional and caring. So fair with cost. They are the best!

Jenny Yang
January 3, 2019

Installed a connection to charge my Tesla. Replaced dangerous sub-panel, added a second one. All done efficiently. The front office employees were very helpful (called me about a cancellation, so installation was done three weeks earlier). I recommend them highly.

Bill Jones
December 5, 2018

Dale Gaboury`
October 15, 2018

A-1 experience from call to office to request service to Danny’s visit to our home. Excellent in all aspects.

Diana Travis
October 12, 2018

Great service, great result installing our Tesla EV charging station

Steve Herz
October 12, 2018

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