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Electrical Upgrades for EV Cars.

Electrical upgrade for EV cars.

Upgrading to an electric car is a big step in saving you money and helping the environment along the way.  But what kind of upgrading will electric vehicles need and what is the purpose of the upgrade? Arguably the best part about an electric vehicle is its reliance on electricity to run, so a proper charge is vital to the motor of the electric car. The charging station for your EV purchase should be able to give it the best and longest charge possible. Plugging into a standard 120-volt electrical outlet can work, but if lights start to flicker and surge - you're in need of an upgraded system.

AC Level 1 - 120V/15A. Generally takes 8-12 hours for a full charge of the EV, or additional 2-5 miles driving range for each hour charged. Uses a typical 3-prong household plug but does require a dedicated branch circuit to keep other items in the home that are plugged in, safe.

AC Level 2 - 240V-30-70A. It takes 3-6 hours to reach a full charge, or additional 10-60 miles driving range for each hour charged. This type of system requires the installation of a specific home charging device with dedicated circuitry. It is not compatible with a typical 3-prong household outlet. This type of system upgrade can also come with a very beneficial offer incentive or rebate depending on your local government. This setup is also fully customizable.

DC Fast Charging. This type of charging is rapid speed, a full charge in just 20 to 40 minutes! But this is a setup that requires a lot of specialized equipment and electrical upgrades to handle the output of all that power. That is why these types of charging systems are usually found in public areas such as apartment complexes, downtown areas, workplaces, retail hubs, etc.

Keep it green and make sure you're not wasting power with the right upgrade for your system. A faster charge with a newly upgraded system for your EV means more people can see just how much more practical it is to charge your ride rather than fill up.

Got Watts Electric can help you with your EV car needs, contact us today.

Does switching to solar power really save money in the long run?

gwe solar power moneyFor years you may have been told that switching to solar panels to run your electricity will save you money in the long run. Sure it helps protect the planet but is making the switch an excellent investment to help save you from skyrocketing energy cost? 

Right now you pay your electric company forever kilowatt (kWh) of electricity you use. The price varies depending on where you live. In some places, you may only pay around 8 cents per kWh, and in other areas, you could be paying as much as 20 cents or more on your electric bill. 

When you invest in solar energy, you are installing your mini power plant right on the roof of your own home. You will get your electricity from your mini power plant instead of paying hundreds of dollars to your power company. If you are a homeowner who pays more for per (kWh), you will save a significant amount of money overall. 

While you may be tempted to purchase a cheaper solar panel system, you will reap greater rewards in investing in higher quality equipment that will not need replacement and expensive patience to maintain. It is always good to research your options thoroughly before deciding on new solar panels. 

Just like every innovative technology, the price of solar panels has dropped over the years as more people adopt this sustainable way of life. As time goes on solar energy will become an affordable option for many families from all walks of life across the globe. 


Give your landscaping lights a makeover

landscape lighting bay areaWhen you’re ready to add a warm, twinkling glow to your landscaping, the possibilities are virtually endless. Landscaping lights add the perfect amount of ambiance and added safety. Here are just a few landscaping light makeover options:

  • Post lighting - For instantly added elegance, choose from an array of free-standing and fence post cap lighting options for a classic, vintage feel.
  • Driveway lighting - Simple lights lining your home’s driveway adds welcoming appeal and added safety.
  • Pathway lighting - Typically available in LED solar varieties, pathway lights point the way to the safest walking paths through your front or backyard landscape design.
  • Hanging lighting - Surround yourself with a warm glow above and below with hanging lights, perfect for porches and outdoor dining or living areas.
  • Security lights - improve safety in your entryways or dark areas with motion, heat, or timed spotlights and floodlights.
  • Garden lighting - highlight your beautifully landscaped foliage and flowers at night with small, post-type garden lights. 
  • Underwater lighting - Nothing adds more mesmerizing glow and added visual safety in your pool or pond than underwater LED lighting. Available in a variety of styles and colors, underwater lighting is one of the most versatile choices in landscaping lighting makeovers.

When to upgrade electrical panel?

electrical panel replacementOne of the essential items in a home isn’t even that big. The electrical panel in your home is the source of all the energy being supplied to the necessities of home, and it’s usually tucked out of sight in the house. Just like the appliances that rely on the electrical panel to function, the panel itself needs to be upgraded over time. But how can one tell when it’s time to update? Here you will see a few top tips for finding out if you’re overdue to switch out your electric panels.

Let’s start with the visuals first. Just by looking at the home itself and determining when it was built is a good indicator of a potential upgrade. If the house is over 20 years old, check the panels immediately. Homes of this age are at high risk of having an unapproved panel (UL approval) and have been known to cause fires. There are also older panel models made by manufacturers that have been shut down by the UL because of the flaws in their panels. This is another thing to look out for, and having access to an online search engine via cellphones allow for easy and instant identification to determine if the panel is dangerous and needs upgrading.

Next are the inner workings of an old electrical panel. In old circuit breakers, they don’t always trip under test loads for a long time. Whether it’s a minute or longer, it is two seconds too long since updated panels trip instantly if overloaded. The trip is there to protect dwellers of the home from electrocution, shock, and fires and is meant to shut off the flow of electricity if a problem is detected. In an older home with an old panel that hasn’t been upgraded, those extra seconds can cost someone their lives.

If you’ve never looked at your electrical panel while living in your home, this alone could be a significant indicator that you need an upgrade. Call today to get one of our expert electricians out to you today and figure out what’s the best, and safest, solution for your electrical panel.


Is a plugless EV charger worth the investment?

plugless ev chargerIf you’re the owner of an electric vehicle, you understand the frustration of having to think about charging your car. Plugless EV chargers instantly rid you of that frustration and are completely worth the investment. 

Going plugless is as simple as parking your car. Your plugless system’s smart guidance system even senses your approaching vehicle and guides you in; left, right, forward and backward in real time, and it even gives you a score!

The system’s Control Panel works by sending electricity down through the cable in the Parking Pad which then transfers electricity to the adapter installed in your Electronic Vehicle.

The free and fully reversible installation are two more factors that make the investment even more worthwhile. You’ll never have to cut, drill, or damage your EV and it will function  the same as the day you brought it home. You’ll only need to plug it in to charge when you are away from home.

Plugless technology has passed tests of 300,000 hours of consumer use in indoor and outdoor climates andin heat, rain, and snow. 

For the ultimate convenience of charge times that are twice as fast as standard systems, therereally isn’t a reason not to go plugless!