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Electric Vehicle Charger Questionnaire

This form is designed to gather the necessary information in order to provide you with an online quote or to determine if a site visit is needed to quote your EV charger installation.

Current Electrical Load

Please provide the following so that we can confirm the existing load on your electrical system and if it can handle the addition of a new EV charging circuit.

Locate the main service panel; this is the panel with the PG&E meter. Upload a photo taken from 5-10 steps back and be sure to include the ground, roof line, and the gas meter (if around the same area). Sample Image
Open the door/flap (do not remove screws to open anything!) and take a clear photo of the sticker on the inside of the door/flap. If there is no sticker, or the sticker is unreadable, please indicate below. This sticker is important because it confirms your service amperage. If there is no sticker, a PG&E application may be required to confirm service size. This may cause delays and extend the time it takes to provide you with a quote. Sample Image
With the door/flap still open, take a clear photo showing the breaker(s) so that the numbers can be easily read. It is important to show empty/available breaker spaces as well. Sample Image
Locate the nearest sub panel to the EVSE or outlet location and take a photo from a few steps back. While it is recommended to install the circuit from the main service panel, in some cases it's not possible or it is more cost effective to install from the nearest sub panel. Sample Image
Open the door/flap (do not remove screws to open anything!) and take a clear photo of the sticker on the inside of the door/flap. Sample Image
Take a clear photo showing the breakers in the sub panel so that the numbers can be easily read. Sample Image
Any additional photos you might think could be helpful.

New EV Charger Installation

Give us an idea of what you are looking for.

If you are installing an EV charger, you will need to provide the model of the EV charger (or EVSE) so we can obtain the specifications sheet. If you only need a 50 amp outlet for a Tesla, enter "NEMA 14-50".
If the proposed charger/receptacle location is within eyesight of the main service panel, take a general photo showing the distance between the two / If it's around a corner or wall, take a general photo of the proposed charger/receptacle location and give a general idea of distance from the main service panel to this location. If you can include the nearest sub panel in the photo as well it may be helpful, but is not necessary.

Additional Comments or Questions?

Submitting this form without some of the requested information may delay the estimating process. If you are unable to provide photos via this form, please attach them to an email with your name and "EV Questionnaire Photos" in the subject line to info@gotwattselectric.com.

Once we have the requested information we will review. In most cases we are able to provide a quote via email, however if more information is required in order to provide you with a quote we will reach out to let you know.

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