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Home Improvement

Tackling a job around the house? Why not leave it to the trained technicians at Got Watts Electric and Solar.

Adding a ceiling fan or installing a smoke detector may seem like an easy job, but they can be far more complicated than the directions would lead you to believe. Got Watts Electric and Solar can handle these jobs, and much more, for you, leaving you to enjoy your day with fewer four letter words.

Read more about our home improvement electrical services:

Childproof Electrical Receptacles

Childproof Electrical Receptacles

Most homeowners (especially those that are parents) have seen those little plastic inserts that you install in receptacles to keep your kids or your grandkids safe from electrical shock. They are a great invention, but now they have something even better, which is good because let's face it; children somehow always find the smallest objects on the ground and go straight to the electrical outlets.

The plastic little inserts of yesterday can be somewhat of an annoyance. Any time you want to use an outlet, you have to remove the plastic insert and plug in the desired appliance. When you're done you have to remember to install the plastic insert (if you can even remember where you put it). Sometimes these inserts are hard to get out and they take your fingernails with it.

Lucky for homeowners, someone invented the childproof outlet! These outlets are also known as tamperproof or tamper resistant receptacles. Childproof outlets have a specially designed piece of plastic built directly into the receptacle. Think of them as tiny locked doors. So when a child tries to insert small objects into the slots, they will not be able to. Each slot or door must be pushed in at the exact same time with the same amount of pressure for each slot. So if it's not intended to go in, then it will not go in.

These outlets keep your children safe from electric shock and electrical burn.

Did you know in the United States alone an average of seven children per day are treated from electrical shock or electrical burn caused by tampering with outlets? If you have children or grandchildren, please do not hesitate to give Got Watts Electric & Solar™ a call today and we can install childproof outlets in any home in the East Bay Area area.

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Think about it for a minute. How would your life be if you lost power for one day? How about a week? With all the strong storms that have hit the United States in recent years, there has never been a greater demand for backup home generators.

Losing your electricity is aggravating and annoying. And for those who have certain medical conditions, it can be potentially life-threatening. That’s why having a backup home generator installed can be one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your family. Not only will you have power when you need it, a generator will increase your home’s value.

No Time for Maintenance?

Automatic standby generators are self-exercising and start and run for a brief period at your preset time once each week. In this way, your automatic standby generator is always ready for the call of duty. We can handle all routine maintenance and repairs on your generator as well.

Durability and Quiet?

Quiet, yet powerful! Our systems come prepackaged in a weatherproof, sound insulated enclosure. They use clean burning natural gas or propane fuel, not smelly gasoline or diesel fuel.

What about my house?

All houses and needs are different. We offer generator systems in an extensive range of capacities to ensure all your power needs are met when there is a power-supply failure. From 7kW right up to 150kW, the systems are either propane or natural gas powered, and either air or liquid cooled.
Don’t be left in the dark!

Disasters will come and go. However, you and your family can enjoy life uninterrupted in the comfort of your home. Contact your licensed electrical experts at Got Watts Electric & Solar™ for your no obligation estimate for a new standby generator installation that’s just right for your home.

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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets

What does GFCI stand for and what does it do? GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and it is one of the best advancements that has ever been made when it comes to electrical devices. The GFCI receptacle has been designed for one purpose, to protect you and your family from electrical shock.

When there becomes a difference in the hot and neutral wires the GFCI will interrupt the household circuits causing the GFCI to automatically cut off the electricity to that circuit. Both GFCI receptacles and GFCI breakers are very sensitive. Most circuit breakers designed are programed to cut off at 15 to 20 amperes, but it is possible to be electrocuted with 100 milli amps. That is equal to a small fraction of one!

What most people don’t seem to realize is that 100 milli amps of electricity can still hurt or even kill you or someone you love. That is why it is so important to have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter installed in many areas throughout your home, especially in kitchens, bathrooms, garages and home exteriors.

There are two types of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter protection:

  • GFCI Receptacle
  • GFCI Breaker

Both the GFCI Receptacle and the GFCI Circuit Breaker will detect a few milli amps of electricity causing the breaker to turn off avoiding a potential shock hazard. Not only can both the GFCI Receptacle and the GFCI Circuit Breaker protect you from electrocution but it can also save your or someone else's life!

The first thing you can do to start protecting your family is to learn where in your home or business a GFCI should be installed. GFCIs are require in your kitchen, bathrooms, garages and all outdoor outlets. There are also certain rules that must be followed when it comes to GFCI breakers and outlets. That is where Got Watts Electric & Solar™ can help you today!

When it comes to GFCI’s, here is what is important.

  • GFCI’s should have been tested and certified by a UL certified company?
  • Were the GFCI installed correctly?
  • Has the GFCI been installed where it is required?

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Hot Tub Electric

Hot Tub Electric

One of the best features of spas, hotels and resorts is the relaxing sensations of a hot tub. Luckily, this is one feature that you can take with you! Installing a hot tub is easier than you may think, especially with the help of a licensed electrician. You could be enjoying a soak in your own back yard in no time. Hot tubs require their own dedicated breaker, because the voltage is higher than the outlets in your home. Because of this, hiring a licensed electrician like Got Watts Electric & Solar™ is the best way to complete installation. On top of that, some hot tub manufacturers require that a dedicated circuit be installed by a licensed electrician for the warranty to be recognized. Some cities in the East Bay Area also require code inspections to be done on anything installed such as a pool or hot tub. Once your hot tub is set up and running, you will be able to relax, especially knowing that a licensed professional took care of all of your needs.

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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke alarms and a carbon monoxide detectors are the first things that can alert you to a danger in your home. Whether you're awake or asleep, a detector is constantly on, making sure there are no dangerous fumes in your home or if a fire is brewing. Carbon monoxide detectors protect you from the unseen, odorless danger of carbon monoxide. Running cars, generators, and stoves are common causes of this highly toxic gas.

A qualified electrician from Got Watts Electric & Solar™ will be able to install your smoke detectors, alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. Once these are installed, keeping them maintained and updated when needed are just a few more services the electrician can offer through a maintenance agreement with yearly or twice yearly electrical inspections. Your electrician can recommend the best form of detector and alarm for your needs. There are even alarms for the hearing impaired!

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Whole House Fans

Whole House Fans

Anytime it is cooler outside than the inside of a home, the QuietCool whole house fan system will work effectively. In the summer, this normally happens in the late afternoon to early evening and through to the next morning.

When the QuietCool whole house fan is turned on, the fan will pull the cooler outdoor air into your home, through your windows, across your living space, into the attic, and out the attic vents replacing the hot stale air. This helps cool the home and attic by up to 30 degrees, allowing it to stay much cooler the following day.

When using the QuietCool whole house fan, we recommend starting by cooling the area in which will be most occupied. For example, in most family situations, the early evening is spent in the kitchen and family room area. Assuming this to be true, this is where you would want to start cooling.

The cool breeze begins when a window or two is opened and the QuietCool fan is turned on. The cooler outside air will immediately begin to create a breeze inside the home making the homeowner feel up to 10 degrees cooler, instantly.

This breeze will be carried through your home to each QuietCool whole house fan that is on and in use; thus beginning the cooling process. At the same time, the cooler outdoor air will be brought into the attic and pushed through the attic vents causing the hot stale air in the attic to be exhausted. Exhausting the hot air inside your attic will allow your home to stay cooler throughout the day.

As it gets later in the evening, and even cooler outside, we recommend opening more windows in other rooms of your home. Then at bedtime, close all the windows in the home except those in the bedrooms that are occupied. This will provide each room with a cool breeze as long as needed. If a QuietCool is installed in each bedroom as we recommended, the homeowner can enjoy the breeze and your privacy with your door closed.

Note: When using the QuietCool system, be sure to not open too many windows or open any windows too wide, as this will lessen the cooling breeze that is felt.

Advantages of a Whole House Fan

Time Lapse of a Whole House Fan Installation

How QuietCool Thermal Mass Cooling Works

QuietCool Professional Series of Whole House Fans

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Whitnie Fisher
February 7, 2020

The scheduling process was easy, straightforward and very professional. The electrician did the work beautifully, consulting me when necessary, and cleaning up after himself when he was done. So happy with the result from Watts Electrical!

Megan Rutledge
January 23, 2020

I initially reached out to Watts because I wanted a 2nd quote and they had great reviews online. I ended up going with them because the professionalism and value greatly exceeded my initial quote from another provider. Sam was my rep during the whole process and was great to work with. She was not pushy but was very responsive and knowledgeable. I would absolutely work with her and Watts again!

marshall clay
November 25, 2019

David Schoenthal
November 16, 2019

Jason Ruffin
April 13, 2019

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