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Code Violation Repair

Have you ever wondered if your business is safe or hazard free from potential electrical issues? Have you ever wondered if the electrical wiring has been installed correctly or to code? Businesses that were wired in the past might not meet the rigorous standards of today's electrical code.

What's interesting about electrical work and electricity is that something may work for long period of time, sometimes even years before something happens and poof out of nowhere a disaster occurs. One of the most common statements that we hear as electricians is, "well I never had any problems before."

The good news is this; these disasters do not have to happen. Prevention is a excellent antidote to catastrophic electrical emergencies. If you have any questions or concerns, then call the pros at Got Watts Electric & Solar™. We can perform a thorough evaluation on your electrical system for your business. We can repair code violations that are in your current system and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Unfortunately, we have seen in the East Bay Area electrical work that has been done and this leaves you and your business at considerable risk. Unfortunately, many individuals do not understand or appreciate the dangers that are involved until a tragedy happens. Amateur wiring that has not been inspected is often responsible for unsafe electrical conditions that result in fire, shock and even electrocution.

We can inspect your business and examine whether it is up to code. We will examine the interior and exterior components of your electrical system fully.

Please contact Got Watts Electric & Solar™ right away at (925) 421-0411 or use our online form to request an appointment to see how our expert commercial electricians can help you with electrical code violation repairs!

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