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Cat 6 Wiring

When making the decision to change your business's wiring cable to Category 6 (Cat 6) it is important to have a basic understanding of how the technology of Cat 6 works and then to recognize it's benefits:

Cat 6 wiring is used mainly to create a network for your business's computers and electronics. It utilizes eight different pieces of insulated Cat 6 wire. At each end of the 6 pieces, there are four pairs of Cat 6 wires and each of those pairs consist of two different color coded wires twisted together. For ethernet cables, it is the industry standard and it includes cross-talk and system noise specification.

Although it has not surpassed Cat 5 in popularity, Cat 6 is gaining momentum and works best when all of the computers on a network work at a speed of gigabit or higher. Cat 6 is backward compatible, meaning that if you already use a Cat 5 network, Cat 6 has the capability to use any ports that are already running on Cat 5 or Cat 5e.

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